On the Road Again – Pitch Me Transportation Technology Coverage

I haven’t really mentioned it here, but I’m now writing much more regularly for Fortune about transportation and logistics technology. It’s a swell gig, but it’s tough to do a lot of on-the-ground reporting when you’re covering a national beat and stuck in Florida. So I’m about to take a month (June) to travel around, visit some old friends, and see a few interesting sites in person – a lithium mine in Arkansas, a port in Jacksonville, maybe a Gigafactory or two. It’s a reporting trip combined with some good old-fashioned nomadism, with the hope that it’ll juice my writing and my soul (I’ll also be saving on rent, since I’m timing this for a month between leases and putting everything I own in storage).

So, where do you come in? If you’re a PR rep with any connections to transportation technology, now’s the time to give me ideas for interesting sites I should check out on my tour. If you represent a train operator, I’d love to come see what they’re doing. Got a UAV factory? Yes please. And if you have a mad-scientist client building a perpetual motion machine in his garage, I definitely want to see that.

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